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Top Computer Hardware & Software solutions in Burnaby | O2 Network Solutions

By Admin | 08 June 2020

In the current era of technology laptops and the desktop are the most widely used hardware devices coming into the series of computer systems and are extensively demanded amongst valuable clients. O2 Network Solutions is the leading service provider for desktop and laptop repairing services in Burnaby and Vancouver.

We don't stop at software and hardware services, we also deal in networking solutions and home automation services in Burnaby. We enhance your home security and comfort by designing an elite home automation system according to your needs at a very affordable rate. This bizarre system automatically controls your home’s lighting, climate, appliances, and entertainment systems and is equipped with security alarms.


We mainly deal with Microsoft software, Google, CtrlS, and other customized software. We also work in security products like antivirus, UTMS, and more. Following are some of the major software services provided by us :
. Operating system and software installation
. Disaster assessment and data recovery
. Network troubleshooting
. Spyware, adware, bugs and virus removal


We deal in following hardware products:
1. PC - Laptop, desktop, tabs, handheld device
2. Storage devices - USB Hard disk, pen drive
3. Printers - Laser printers, Dot-matrix, Deskjet, toners
4. Servers - We install both Desktop and rack servers
5. Computer Accessories - Batteries, Switches, Monitors, Adaptors, Chargers
6. Projectors and presentation products

Benefits and Key Features -:

Warranty and out of warranty repairs for top computer brands such as Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc.

Services included:

. Parts ordering and installation
. Hard drive upgrades
. Full hardware diagnostic
. Memory and hard drive replacement

Our services are available to-:

Students, faculty, staff, enterprises, and domestic purpose.

Other services provided by o2 Network Solutions-:

1. Networking solutions-:

Proper networking is a necessary part of every business and home alike. We provide a wide gamut of networking solutions including LAN, WAN, VPN, firewall, Ethernet switch, and computer network cabling. We offer world-class network installation, repair, troubleshooting, imaging, and data recovery.

2. Security Cameras installation-:

We install professional CCTV cameras in Burnaby. We are very much competent to install any kind of CCTV camera in your office, home, shop, or any other place all over in Burnaby and Vancouver. You can choose from wired or wireless CCTV camera systems as per your convenience.

3. Security Alarm System-:

You can further increase the security of your home and office by installing our advanced bulgar or security alarm system. Our security alarms detect an intrusion or any fire outbreak in your home or office and protect you from robbery or any terrible event.

4. Home Theater and Projector-:

Our video projector lets you connect a Blu-ray player or gaming console via an HDMI input for the smooth streaming of your favorite media. You can also use these projectors in your meeting room to share slides and visuals. This will surely make your meeting more interesting than ever before.

We offer the best and cheapest surveillance cameras in Burnaby as well as if you find any problems while operating them, we are available to help you 24 * 7

Contact our experts with your computers, networking, and security solutions, we will be happy to assist you with the purchase and maintenance of your IT infrastructure.