What is WDR CCTV Camera and where is it used

Posted by : jassalk On : April 8, 2021

WDR stands for a wide dynamic range. The traditional surveillance cameras in Vancouver are not able to capture images efficiently when it comes to catching both dark and bright areas. But cameras with wide dynamic range features can get clear videos of extremely dark and bright areas.

CCTV cameras are a vital part of the home automation system in Surrey, therefore it is important to make sure it is good enough for the particular use before buying. If you are thinking of installing it in such a place where there is a large difference in the brightest and lighter area then it is advised to use WDR security cameras.


What Are The WDR CCTV Cameras? -:

Dynamic range is the scale of light levels a camera can capture - from the darkest to the brightest, without affecting the image quality. But when security cameras in Vancouver exceed its dynamic range, the captured image will lose some of its details.
The wide dynamic range cameras have inbuilt software, which allows them to balance the lighting to achieve higher picture quality.

Working Principle Of WDR CCTV Cameras -:

The simple security cameras in Surrey can capture only the area between the darkest and the lightest spots, they are not able to get clear videos of other parts.
The sensors of WDR cameras let the camera’s software automatically fill light in the dark areas and reduce brightness from the light areas.

Also, it takes multiple shots of the scene that are at different exposure levels. Then compare these shots to produce the final video clip with balanced light exposure. The sensors used in WDR cameras are very fast and light-sensitive, and their cost is quite high.

Application Areas Of CCTV Cameras -:

These are widely used in retail stores, businesses, offices, and banks, where high security is required due to strong backlighting.

  • The high shadowed areas such as Car parking and logistics centers also need to deploy these cameras. They are very useful in places where there is often a chance of reverse lighting.
  • The WDR cameras are also installed in ATM’s to avoid the risk of crime
  • They are widely used on roads and gas stations
  • These cameras increase the security level in Schools and other educational institutions.

The O2 Network solutions provide WDR security camera installation in Surrey at affordable rates. Apart from it, we also provide Security alarm installation in Surrey. The alarm system is equally important as CCTV cameras for protecting your home or office. It makes the loud sound to scare away the intruders. It helps in deterring vehicle burglary or theft. For high-level security, you can combine the burglar alarm with the CCTV camera.

At O2 network solutions, you will also get the networking and digital media services in Surrey, which includes audio-video cabling, network cabling Telecom cabling, etc. The team of our expert technicians can help you to connect the various devices to create any type of network such as LAN, MAN, WAN, etc.

Besides, we can help you to install a home theater in Vancouver city. We provide a customized home theater design solution that suits your individual needs.

Conclusion -:

WDR security cameras are used to capture detailed images. These are employed in banks, highway toll booths, monitoring traffic, super markets, parking areas and in other commercial areas where security is of paramount concern. These cameras are more expensive than traditional ones, but they are worth it.

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